We have now started a successful technology neighborhood watch group. It is safe, quiet, and anonymous to the public. We do not work for, or advertise on Face book or any other social media sites. When we communicate, it is in-one on one meetings so we can all work on our technical problems together. We will stay low-tech in public because we believe it protects us and others. We will use our high-tech toys, technology, computers and devices to do our home/neighborhood surveillance. Our goal is simple; to protect our children, families, churches and neighborhoods from today’s drug related crimes. If you are tired of seeing the crime in your area operate and frustrated with being victims after the fact, please let us help using smart urban strategies to keep you both safe and protected.

 This network of community watch is also protection for our law enforcement, which we still treasure to protect our own communities. Its goal is to decipher the chaos and expose the ones who create the real crime in a neighborhood situation. Be assured we respect a person’s rights and privacy laws of this country here in the USA. We intend to practice safety, and not endanger our own community where you live designed not to bring any extra attention to the area

I also provide surveillance packages assistance for mom & pop restaurants & retail stores in crisis. Construction sites Graffiti plagued businesses owned home & buildings rentals. We are a teaching & monitoring service as well camera installs. Once you are up and running we can help you maintain your technology from anywhere.